Building on the tradition of the once popular Puhu Baude Inn, we cook tasty and healthy meals maintaining regular relationships with our local food suppliers. We make sure the products are fresh and all the dishes are prepared in our kitchen from scratch.

We serve large appetizing portions and present them elegantly. Puchaczówka is constantly improving in order to meet the tastes and requirements of our most demanding guests.

In our menu you will also find sous-vide dishes. This is the latest vacuum cooking technology, performed at precisely defined temperature, thanks to which the natural flavors do not run off into the water and the ingredients retain their full nutritional value.

Taking into account the latest health trends and dietary restrictions, we have introduced vegan and gluten-free dishes. A special menu with a detailed description of the specific allergens will help you choose the right dish for you.

Among our local suppliers there is also a family owned microbrewery Kanec, which has been brewing beer for 19 years according to the traditional Czech recipe. Kanec matures in tuns for a minimum of 4 weeks. It is unpasteurized and unfiltered beer, completely organic, free from preservatives and naturally carbonated (we do not force carbonate the beer). Kanec is packed in barrels especially for Puchaczówka so that it can always be served fresh and rich in natural nutrients.

We hope that thanks to our efforts you will have a great time in the pleasant surroundings of Puchaczówka while enjoying your favorite dishes.

The restaurant is open daily:
Sunday to Thursday 9:00 – 22:00
Friday and Saturday 9:00 – 23:00.

Pizza is served daily.

Visit us in Puchaczówka!